The Importance of Plant-Based Protein as a Sustainable Option

On this episode of Emerging Brands, Ross Mackay, Co-founder and Chief Executive Officer of Daring Foods, talks about how becoming a vegan athlete, his competitive background and his devotion to a healthy lifestyle contributed to the launch of Daring Foods in 2018. 

Mackay wanted to create a plant-based protein that mimics the real taste, texture and macro nutrients as chicken.  He was determined to crack the code on a better-for-you plant-based chicken and his drive was to positively impact the planet and human health. Mackay says that the single aim for Daring Foods was to remove poultry from the food system. 

Daring Foods focuses on growth, employees and adding retailers. Mackay talks about attracting great investors, the Series B funding and going from two to fifty employees in just a few months.  “It’s an exciting time for us at Daring, there is a huge amount of momentum, especially in distribution,”says Mackay. “Moving from four hundred days ago we were in three hundred doors, this year we will see more than ten times that number, maybe even twenty times.” Mackay adds, the core focus has always been to build a great business. 


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